What to Look Out for in A Wedding Reception Venue


One of the most important tasks on your to-do list when planning a wedding is selecting a good reception venue. Before signing up for any reception venue, ensure that your choice has the following features. Apart from that feeling of just finding ‘the one’ there are many others things to look out for in a wedding reception venue or site. If you are yet to do this, then check out the Le Crystal reception hall, where the only thing you are expected to do is give the information about your guest list, budget, and style, and the other details would be taken care of. Below are some good tips to assist you in making the perfect wedding reception site choice.

#1: Drinking, eating and partying area

Ensure that your venue has good places for guests to drink, eat, mingle, dance and even party. While standing in the space, try envisioning it with your mind’s eye where every single activity will take place. If it is difficult to separate a room into sections due to its small nature, then you might feel cramped. An old configuration (that is shaped in the form of an S) could as well compromise the flow of your party. Ensure also that the location of obstructions or columns in the venue will not block your guests from viewing the cake table, dance floor or areas where speeches will be read.

#2: A roomy fit

Ensure the room is big enough to accommodate the total number of persons on your guest list. The reception venue may look quite large when empty, but some wedding essentials like chairs, tables, a buffet, the band, bar, the dance floor and the DJ setup will quickly occupy almost all the space. Also, know that your quests will require an elbow room. The best way to know the size of a venue is to go and observe it when another wedding with a similar guest list size is going on. In case you have a particular venue you believe you must use, like your dad’s garden where you both got engaged, or your favorite bar, then ensure to measure your guest list to match the site.

#3: A great view

When your guests walk into the room, what will they see? Whether it is crashing waves, or a stunning vista of rolling mountain, or your city skyline, special venues with a great view are always an added advantage.