What Kind of Archery Tag Player are You?


Archery Tag in Singapore is catching on as a great team bonding activity. The aim for this group-based game is for the players to engage in a game of dodgeball- with foam tipped arrows. Just like a combination of laser tag and dodgeball, this is Archery Tag!

Despite archery tag being a versatile game with a myriad of different players with each their playing styles, yet, there are still a few types of players that we constantly see on the battlefield.

The Acrobat

You know the player, jumping over obstacles, dodging arrows and straight up plucking them from the air like how Neo catches a bullet. They are the real entertainers and MVPs of archery tag in Singapore, always playing, and going out with a bang.

The Bunker

While other players move around the field, darting from one safe point to another in the hopes of attaining ammunition, or even a better vantage point, these are the players who have found their spot and will defend their fort to the death. Since they are increasingly familiar with their vantage point, they also grow exponentially dangerous should be taken out as early in the game as possible.

The Sharpshooter

They hardly loose an arrow, but when they do, they never miss. To counter such players, focus all firepower on the player to take them out while they’re still aiming. To do otherwise would be a wrong move.

The Commander

This player is in it to win it. Archery tag is not a sport, nor is it for fun. It’s a matter of honour and humiliation, victory and defeat. Pre-game strategy had never been this well-conceived, and co-ordination on the field had never been as smooth. Unless you have another commander on your team, it’s almost impossible to defeat the team. Just hunker down and try to take out as many on the other team as you can before your team gets annihilated.

The Ace

This player is a secret spy, or a top notch Mongolian archer. They can shoot at maximum speed, with razor sharp accuracy; they can even dodge and grab arrows from thin air while doing so. You’ll be out of the game without even knowing what hit you. These players are the only ones who can single-handedly dismantle the Commander’s plan, so if you have one on your team, make sure you guard them with your lives.

No matter the type of players you play with, what matters most is the fun that you have with the group you play with. Archery tag in Singapore can be one of the best ways to bond with colleagues, or even to have fun with family and friends.