Ultimate Guide to the Best Food at Montreal


If you are a foodie, you should visit Montreal. No wonder even the famous chef like Gordon Ramsay chose Montreal as one of his sites in his TV Show.

Montreal is a town rich in produce. This abundance explains why Montreal’s food is a prominent feature in their culture. It showcases a unique culinary tradition. The city boasts of the best restaurants. It also has a good mix of places where you can have great food plus great game, great drinks and just the great fun ofMatter Hatter Pub.

What food to try at Montreal?

Fast food


Pronounced as ‘poo-tzin’ is a dish whose origins are traced to Quebec in the 1950s. This is made of French fries with curds of cheese and brown gravy. This dish alone has a rich culture. Once regarded negatively but has climbed the ranks to be the celebrated national dish. Yearly, poutine celebrations are done in Quebec in honor of this popular fast food well-known the world over today.

Processed Food

Montreal Smoked Meat

Montreal smoked meat is the smokey, sweeter, lighter and less spicy counterpart of pastrami. All over town, Montreal smoked meat is part of the delectable Montreal sandwiches. There are a lot of places offering this mouth-watering food. These sandwiches are best the old-fashioned way.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is a common stock in racks of stores, but you should try the maple syrup in Montreal. Besides, Quebec is the biggest producer of maple syrup in the world. They make the best. Maple syrup is part of the tradition and heritage.

Late Night Food

Seafood, Izakayas, Fine Dining

This city showcases a wide range of budget-friendly night menus. About 5,000 restaurants are serving the best food in every cuisine. May it is seafood, a romantic dinner, fine dining it’s all in this food capital.



You can eat bagels in different locations but there is something about Montreal bagels that make it distinct. Montreal bagels are hand-crafted the old-fashioned way. Each bite of the Montreal bagel reveals its rich cultural tradition. A product of time-tested ingredients and methods, fresh from the oven. The rich Smokey taste from the brick-wood oven and the natural sweetness from honey makes it a stand-alone, no need for fillings. Less on fat, more on taste.

Street Food

Food trucks and stands

This city houses the best food trucks with great food from brunches to treats.

This is the best place to be where hunger is not on the list.