Tips for Planning a Big Birthday Bash


Whether it’s your parent’s 60th, your partner’s 40th, or your sibling’s 18th, a big birthday calls for a big celebration. Whilst the idea of having a party seems fun at first, when it comes to planning it you can begin to feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. As you start to absorb the task at hand, it can be a little overwhelming to say the least. Many of us fail to realise how much effort actually goes in to generating an event. From the food and drink, to the guest list and music, to the seating and decorations, every little detail needs to be considered. If you’re planning a party but don’t know where to start, here are a few tips to get you started.


Music can make or break a party, so it should be the main event, not just an afterthought. By preparing your music in advance, you are freed up to relax and enjoy the party on the night. You can prep a structured playlist to fit with the flow of the night. Try starting with the latest hits, moving onto some more indie tunes, and slipping into cheese and 80s to delight an inebriated crowd as the night wears on. If you have the budget and are going for something more memorable, why not hire a live band or DJ to get your guests on the dancefloor.


It’s something that many people forget, but after hours of dancing to a killer playlist, your guests are going to need somewhere take a breather. Not to be underestimated, seating is an essential consideration for your party. Without it, guests may be forced to sit on the floor, which we all know isn’t ideal in a fitted suit or a short party dress. If you’re expecting a lot of guests and don’t happen to have 100 chairs stored in your garage, it would be a good idea to look into chair hire in Melbourne. Whatever the theme or style of your party, you’ll be able to find seating to match, from garden chairs to bar stools and beyond, hire is a great option to get the look and the volume that you need.


Food and drink are a crucial part of any celebration. Ensuring your guests are properly fed ensures that there are no outbursts of “hanger” whilst also giving your guests some essential stomach lining. So whether it’s a full blown sit-down dinner and wine, classy canapes and prosecco, or an all you can eat buffet and beers, you should make sure you’ve got it covered regardless of your budget. At the lower end, you can go for some simple chips and dip, or cheap and easy freezer food. For a more middling budget, try some ready prepared canapes from the supermarket, or if you’re going all-out then try hiring in a caterer who can cover everything for you.

Whatever it is that you’re celebrating, a well thought out party plan is sure to guarantee a good night and show your loved ones just how much you care.