Three Awesome Tips when Throwing a Bachelor’s Party for your Friend


Your best friend will not be single soon. Before he gets locked up permanently, you want to throw him an awesome bachelor’s party. But, planning this kind of party can be tricky because you have to take into account many things. You have to determine the levels of appropriateness, your budget, and what appeals to everyone who will attend it.

Although some go wild and all out with night-long of adventures, others prefer the conventional way by gathering in a sports bar, drinking their favorite liquor, and smoking cigar. Whatever route you choose, ensure the groom is happy with the result and that the party suits his beliefs and lifestyle.

Here are tips to guide you on throwing a bachelor party for him:

Set a Realistic Budget

It is easy for things to just go with the flow in a party of gentlemen. Although you might want to prefer a sky-is-the-limit way, you want to ensure the budget is settled before the event itself. In terms of paying for this kind of party, some people might come into play. In some cases, the groom or his family will contribute funds for the event and sometimes other gentlemen chip in their share. But, sometimes the best man takes care of all the planning and costs and if this is you, you must set a budget in advance.

Consider the Wishes of the Groom

While you want to focus on your ideas on what the party would be like, you also want to consider the groom’s intentions and desires.  Also, make sure you respect his fiancée’s wishes. Thus, before having your ideas realized, spend time getting information from the groom as to what he wants to do to celebrate this last night of being single. He might wish to have a sophisticated Palm Beach nightlife such as an evening of poker and cigars or a beer feast at this favorite pub.

Plan for what to Do

The established budget will affect the planning. Although a party at the city center or an elaborate hotel seems great, you want to ensure you can afford it. Also, think about the availability of the groom and his friends. Round up the troops and settle on what most of you can commit to in terms of the time and location.  When it comes to what to do at the party, plan for activities or entertainment that the groom can enjoy. It has to be about him first and then his friends.