Secrets the CIA Doesn’t Want You To Know


At least in the United States, the government is all about giving and showing transparency and trust to its citizens. Although there is a lot of disagreement from all sides of the political spectrum, the government in America has the best interest of the American people in mind. That being said, when it comes to secret intelligence agencies such as the CIA, perhaps it’s best that the American public doesn’t know everything. In fact, when we talk about the CIA, we almost expect that secrets are kept from us for our own safety. However, there are circumstances where agencies like the CIA choose to keep secrets from us for their own benefit. Some people would argue that this scenario is the most likely scenario when it comes to the CIA. That being said, there indeed are numerous secrets the CIA does not want us to know. Whether it’s for their own benefit, our own safety, or any other reason, the following secrets are secrets the CIA must be furious are known by the American public.

#3: The CIA Simply Isn’t Lying To Us

Even today, the CIA is likely to say that there are no such things as “CIA Secrets“. The reason is that they want to come off as trustworthy and honest. As if we don’t know they have lied to us before with secrets such as Operation Northwoods, the CIA will tend to double down on their excuses if it means saving their integrity. The problem with this secret is that it’s too obvious they are still keeping secrets from us. As the saying goes, “Once a liar, always a liar.”

#2: They are Spying On Us Through Technology & Social Media

In some aspects, spying on the American public sounds like a good idea. Doing so can prevent atrocities such as terrorist acts and other similar problems. However, the reality of the situation is that spying is a clear and unwarranted invasion of privacy. On the extreme side of things, an invasion of privacy can and will lead to a full lack of government censoring. In fact, the topic of government censorship of certain content is one of the most debated topics in America today. On the flip side, it’s not like we don’t know that the technology we use is recording our activity. It’s one of the reasons we have become so dependent on the technology we use. Nonetheless, the CIA should be more open in the ways they spy on us.

#1: They Have Used Unconventional Torture

To be frank, agencies such as the CIA have to show strength and toughness if they want to get certain answers or results. While it may seem unusual to the American public, there is no doubt that the CIA has once used scared tactics and unconventional torture as a way of getting an answer out of an enemy. One of the most interesting examples of this was the case of waterboarding. In what was discovered to be a cruel and unusual form of torture by the CIA on a person, the result was disagreement by the American public on whether or not this act was warranted.

The CIA As A Whole

Whatever opinion anyone has on the CIA and the American Government, we can’t ignore the fact that the United States is the most powerful nation the world has ever had. We also can ignore that it took many sacrifices to get to that point. If it means keeping secrets from the public, the CIA will do whatever is in their power to keep us safe at all costs.