How to Plan and Organise a Truly Memorable Twenty-First Birthday Party


It is a rite of passage in Australia that we celebrate when a person turns twenty-one years of age. Even though in many ways the eighteenth birthday marks when a person can vote and drink alcohol, the twenty-first birthday remains an occasion where one truly enters young adulthood. In this context, it is important to plan a twenty-first birthday party that is truly enjoyable and memorable.

Advice on How to Get It Right

Planning any big event can be daunting, even for those who have plenty of experience doing so. The ideal twenty-first birthday party needs to be memorable and fun, so how does one plan this? Consider the following advice:

  • Venue: The truth is that choosing the right venue is all-important. It needs to be appropriate for the event and also appropriate for the attendees. This means that if there are children attending, for example, the party should not be held in an adult club! The good news is that there are some wonderful 21st birthday venues in Melbourne. When choosing one, it should reflect the people attending. Choosing a venue that features a bar, seating, catering, and private function rooms provides perhaps the biggest flexibility.
  • Food: Just remember that if you decide to host the twenty-first birthday party at home, you will need to organise all of the food. This could get pretty expensive and tiresome. In some ways, it is wiser to book a venue that offers on-site kitchens and catering staff. This not only makes preparing food easier and more convenient, it also means that people get to choose from a wider menu. Great food can truly make for a great night as everyone sits down and socialises over delicious food.
  • Attendees: Inviting the right mix of people can really make or break an entire night. It’s important to invite family and friends, but it is also important to invite people who will or are likely to get along. It’s critically important to avoid inviting people who will argue and fight. If this seems the likely scenario, it’s worth changing the plans. Maybe you could invite family only to a private birthday party, and have your friends to another party on another night? This could help you avoid getting certain troublesome people together – especially feuding family members.
  • Photography: Another thing to consider is hiring a professional photographer. Of course, there’s nothing stopping any of the people at the party from snapping photos with their smartphones, but a professional photographer can tell a story through their images and can offer you superior quality photos. One other option is to rent out a photo booth for the night. Much like the old passport photo booths, this can be a great deal of fun for the people attending and can result in some pretty memorable photos.

A Night to Remember

Though organising a twenty-first birthday bash can seem pretty daunting at first, by using some common sense, it will all fall into place. The right venue, the right food, and the right invitees can really make for a great night for everyone.