How To Make The Best Use of Great Backing Tracks


If you are looking at learning or improving your playing skills, you should definitely try playing along to top quality backing tracks, any skilled musician will advise you, it’s one of the best ways to learn guitar, bass and drums

If You Wish to Know How to Become a Solo Guitarist

Today, if you wish to be a better lead guitarist, it has never been so easy and so much fun! All you have to do is get a backing track and then play along and even try fooling around a bit and try to invent some solos. Below is Some Advice on How to Practice Playing along with guitar backing tracks:

  • Experiment and try finding out how many different riffs you can create with just the three strings, and limit yourself to only one small section of a scale.
  • Try practicing scales alongside the backing tracks, which as you already know, is much more enjoyable than playing with a metronome.
  • Turn on your recording device and record yourself soloing to a backing track, and then go back over it and analyse it.
  • Ask a friend over to do some jamming with you and teach one another some new riffs.
  • Listen to some songs from prominent artists, listen carefully to their guitar solos, and then play along with a backing track and try to combine some of those same riffs into your playing.
  • If you’re thinking about sourcing high quality backing tracks for professional musicians, ensure you deal with specialists in the backing business.

And if the Bass Guitar and Drums are more Up Your street

As you know, bass and drums are the backbone of each and every band and therefore, must be able to lock into the tempo of all songs and play as one unit. To challenge anyone who wants to be a bass player or drummer, backing tracks usually contain guitar solos. These solos are not only similar to a live jamming session, but they will present you with the challenge of not letting yourself be distracted by any solos.

  • Bass players out there will have to carefully listen to tracks to try to work out the chord progression of the song, the general flow of it, and put together a bass line which fits perfectly – basically what happens in a jam session scenario.

All drummers will have the challenge of listening in carefully to the bass line in order to lock in perfectly with the tempo, and to listen to the whole song to then create the ideal drum beat.

It’s your duty play in sync with the bass guitar, and any other type of instruments which help to establish the rhythm. You may wish to make good use of sound isolating headphones, so that you can then hear the backing track music and also to protect your hearing during any long practice sessions.