How to choose the best peak tents for events


A peaked tent provides a combination of festivity and formality. It can work in either outdoor or indoor events, making it versatile and suitable for any event. In choosing the best peaked tent rentals, you should consider the following tips to make your event as stress-free as possible.

  1. Check your venue size

The size of your peak tent will depend on the guest count and amenities you will need on your event (DJ booth, photobooth area, washrooms, cooking area.) Allow at least 10 feet within the tent area for adequate set-up and anchoring.

  1. Check the ground foundation

Among the safest ground surface to install a peaked tent are soil, gravel, and asphalt. However, it depends on your location, so it’s best to rent a peaked tent that has anchoring options for different surfaces. Before installing the tent, make sure that the ground is carefully inspected to determine its safety.

  1. Check other safety hazards that need to be addressed

Depending on the venue, the tent should tolerate unexpected weather such as rain and wind. Likewise, nearby power lines and trees should also be considered as well. That is why it is essential to have a site inspection first to prevent safety mishaps during the event itself.

  1. Plan your event decors

Because most peak tents have no design, renters have the freedom to decorate the tent in accordance to the event. However, the décor design may also depend on the tent you choose to rent. For example, frame-type tents allow you to install your preferred décor, while a tidewater-type tent can help enhance your décor as well.

  1. Consider your power source

Choose a peaked tent rental service that can provide its power source. On the other hand, there are other power sources nearby, so it’s best to install your tent near it. Others may not require a power source due to some reasons. Regardless of your requirement, make sure to consider the power source during your event planning to prevent future delays while the said event is about to start.

  1. Consider parking space

Aside from planning a special event inside a peaked tent, make sure that the area surrounding it has ample and safe parking space for your guests. Likewise, make sure to consider sufficient lighting around the parking area especially if the event will be held in the evening.

  1. Consider noise levels

It is also essential to consider noise levels in your event planning, particularly if you are planning to have an event in a suburban area. If you have a hired DJ during the event, let him, or her know of any local ordinances regarding noise levels in public places.

Choosing the best peaked tent rentals near you

In choosing a tent rental service provider, you should ensure that they also follow the above tips to prevent mishaps during your special event. Likewise, they should also be able to provide quality and durable tents perfect for your upcoming event.

Some tent rental service providers can also let you use your company logo on it, as well as size options depending on your need. In other words, choose a tent rental service that is worth the price.