Grow Your Own Willy Makes a Hilarious Novelty Gift


Looking for some unusual hens party ideas that make everyone smile? Grow Your Own Willy is a hilarious novelty gift that can grow up to 6 times its original size. This brilliant novelty gift is something that can make your hen’s party a memorable one. This gift is bound to get a giggle and raise more than an eyebrow.


  • Fill a glass with water.
  • Place the Willy into the glass of water at room temperature.
  • Watch it grow up to 6 times its original size.

It may take up to three days to grow completely and once out of the water the Grow Your Own Willy will shrink back to its original size.

Grow Your Own Willy can make a perfect gift option for girls over 16 years. This product is designed exclusively to shock, thrill and amaze you, your friends and anyone else attending your hens night event.

Grow Your Own Willy is an ideal gift for those with a great sense of humour and guarantees to put a smile on everyone’s face. This cute and cheeky gift hens party favour will be everyone’s favourite.

Pecka Products, the leading hens party shop in Australia supplies Grow Your Own Willy as a fun addition to your Hens Party at just A$ 5.95. So, why not create a naughty gift to make everyone giggle at your hens night event? Willy starts measuring 6cm in total length but grows to 6 x that size in 72 hours. Just get him wet and watch him grow!

Don’t miss out on this great hen’s night novelty gift! This product is non-toxic and can be reused again and again.