Fun Activities Like Indoor Rock Climbing for Kids


Perhaps the best way to enjoy life, while being a kid, is to immerse oneself into a challenging environment. Rock climbing tends to be the right challenging environment for kids, however, in most outdoor setups, there are some safety related issues pertaining to the rope or a good trainer as well as the dangers related to wild animals as well. However, when the setup is specifically indoor with state-of-the-art equipment, trainers and a good soft landing to avoid any injuries, then rock climbing can be the best exercise children can be exposed to. Fears related to height, self-doubt as well as team work are all mitigated when kids are exposed to such environments. Zero gravity, one of the best trampoline parks in Mounds View, Minnesota provides wall climbing equipment and proper trainers for the experience of a lifetime for first timers or people passionate about wall climbing.

Here are the essential features provided –

  • Traverse-Style Wall – Unlike other wall climbing experiences which are near vertical and can end fast, traverse-style walls have much more surface area and patterns for the climber to face a much more challenging environment and mirrors a traditional outdoor rock-climbing terrain.
  • Themed Wall Climbs – For better interaction and engagement at Zero Gravity, the wall is outer space themed and every stone climb takes one further into space. This engages people and ensures interest is not lost.
  • No Special Gear Required – Climbing walls require highly sophisticated equipment like ropes, helmets, harnesses and climbing shoes. Therefore, they create a lot of issues and training to get used to and is an added pain. However, in this case, since the landing is made from soft foam, it does not require any equipment and chances of getting hurt are negligible.
  • Pricing Advantage – The prices are the most affordable choices and such plans do not come easily elsewhere, yet Zero Gravity ensures that the experience of indoor rock climbing for kids is optimized with an affordable solution. This affordability stems from the fact that the rock climbing outlet is factored into the entry pass of the park.

Pricing in detail: Since the price for wall climbing is factored into the jump pass (which is the entry pass), let us see how affordable it is.

  • For 60 minutes: $10.99
  • For 90 minutes: $14.99
  • Finally, for 120 minutes: $18.99

These jump passes based on time gives unlimited access to wall climb, aerial challenge obstacle course, and trampoline and laser tags and are very inclusively priced depending on the time.

The experience pertaining to indoor rock climbing for kids must be expressed properly and should be well equipped which is a certainty at Zero Gravity. It’s a natural choice, especially when you’re in Minnesota. From no requirement of safety equipment to unlimited fun, it proves that this location is equipped to meet the engagement and interest requirement of kids while providing a strong safety standard which are unbeaten in the industry as well as affordable.