Best Father-Daughter Dance Songs

The daddy-daughter relationship is really a tricky one, however when a daughter and father are close, a marriage day could be especially poignant. Because the wedding visitors watch, Father gives daughter off to begin her existence using the new man who’ll take proper care of her. Because he takes his final dance together with his daughter before she begins her new existence, visitors tend to be wiping at tears.

Daddy’s Young Girl

Regardless of how old she will get, a daughter will be Daddy’s Young Girl. This is the theme of the song by Al Martino. It is a marriage-day classic and is easily the most popular option for the daddy-daughter dance.

My Young Girl

This song by Tim McGraw would be a hit song in the year 2006. It started playing at receptions right after and it has suffered among the best father-daughter dance songs. The song is really a poignant tribute towards the love a parent feels for his daughter.

Butterfly Kisses

Bob Carlisle’s song Butterfly Kisses was a respected hit if this was launched in 1997. It chronicles the connection from a father and the young girl from the moment he’s tucking her in and providing her “butterfly kisses” to the current day, while he’s dancing together with her at her wedding. A Grammy champion in 1997 for the best country song, Butterfly Kisses remains probably the most popular father-daughter dance songs at weddings.

My Girl

Fun, upbeat, and classic, My Girl continues to be a success at weddings, nearly half a century after its release. Unlike the tearjerker songs, My Girl will probably make all of the wedding visitors smile because they watch Father dance his daughter round the party area. You cannot help but smile whenever you hear the upbeat Temptations song, and that’s why it’ll likely remain popular for a lot of more decades.

Your Physical Appearance Tonight

Also popular for couples’ first dances, Your Physical Appearance Tonight is really a lyrical compliment to some lady. Plus, it’s done by Frank Sinatra, therefore it has appeal across many generations. Tony Bennett also did a version.

Dancing On Daddy’s Footwear

The title of the Leon Redbone song invokes a picture of the father and the young girl, her ft on his, because they dance together. It’s a sweet, sentimental song but can be a little too tinny unless of course you’ve got a live band to do it.

I Think You’ll Dance

While Lee Anne Womack sings this song in the outlook during a mom to her daughter, the lyrics work with a parent, too. The song lists out all of the desires a parent or gaurdian has on her young girl as she matures, ending using the greatest hope of-that whenever the possibility involves sit it or dance, she hopes the daughter decides to dance. The song was an worldwide pop and country hit if this was launched in 2000 and won numerous awards, such as the Grammy for the best Country Song. The song is really a definite tear-jerker.