6 Essentials for Your Party


Most of us have held at least one party in our lives. The reason we don’t do it more often is likely due to the fact that it can be difficult to find the space or at least gather all of the items we need to make the party a successful one.

If this sounds like you, fear not. It is common these days to hire party supplies when they’re needed, instead of having them laying around the house for all of the time that they’re not. Better yet, hiring furniture and other essentials doesn’t have to be expensive either. If you’re due to hold a party, keep reading to find out the items that you might like to hire.


The only chairs suitable for use at a party are likely going to be sat around your dining room table. Your leather armchair and sofa is far too big and bulky to be relocated outside and also doesn’t offer much seating capacity.

Instead, why not consider hiring a suitable number of chairs. You could go for a simple stool or even for something much more elegant like a wrought iron chair.

Trestle Tables

Here we face a similar issue to the one of our chair shortage. Food and drink needs to be placed somewhere and there is only so much space available within the average kitchen. Because of this, hiring a trestle table or three is a popular option for a lot of party planners.

They’re lightweight and easily collapsible so that they can be pushed to one side when it’s time to hit the dance floor.

Cutlery and Crockery

Disposable plastic or paper cutlery has its use, but not usually at a sophisticated adult party. Rather than buy another knife and fork set, why not consider hiring just as many as you need? Standard stainless steel will be available as will silver if desired. 


Paper cups are also a no-no unless your son or daughter has just turned 5 years old. A wedding party just wouldn’t be the same without champagne flutes so splash out and treat your guests.

Your party hire supplier will have a policy regarding breakages so do try to be careful once the good times start rolling.

Lighting and Disco

If you’re holding a party after dark then appropriate lighting and possibly even a disco machine is a must. You could even go one step further and hire a DJ, leaving your embarrassing music collection where it belongs, at the bottom of a cupboard.

The Marquee

No party is complete without a marquee. Great for both Summer and Winter as they can be provided with heating if required.

Available in a range of different sizes, there is marquee suitable for all occasions, and they don’t even have to be expensive, especially when hiring several different items from the same supplier.

Party Hire for You

If we’ve convinced you that hiring furniture and supplies for your next party is the way to go then you’re in luck. Party supplies and chair hire in Melbourne are readily available so get in touch with one of the many companies operating in the area. Remember to request a discount for large orders.

Now you know just how easy preparing for a party is, you’ll have no excuse not to hold many more.