3 Things Every Man Must Know About Strip Clubs!


Let’s admit it – Men, at least a good percentage of them, have an interest about the incredible experience of strip clubs. Some have been around strippers, while others are ready and looking for ways to get an entry. When it comes to adult entertainment in Houston, some of the strip clubs are incredibly popular.

In this post, we bring three fun facts that ever man must know about strip clubs and strippers.

  • You are expected to tip. At a strip club, those hot ladies will come to you, no matter how you look. As long as you are tipping the strippers, you can expect to have a good time. It should be noted though a stripper isn’t not an escort, so you can watch but dare not touch! Some of the strip clubs have serious policies and rules related to that, while others are more relaxed.
  • Strip clubs may not be the same as gentlemen’s club. Yes, you read that right. While many consider both to be same, there are stark differences. A strip club is where men are wilder and ready for fun, while the vibe at a good gentlemen’s club is posher and more relaxed in nature. Many strip clubs do double up as a gentlemen’s club too, depending on the ambience and the crowd it attracts.
  • You can ask or refuse a lap dance. Before you think of the lap dance and all good things, keep in mind that lap dance is just that – A dance. Don’t expect that to be a mini-escort services and it is best to discuss the price with the stripper. In all likeliness, you will be heading to a room, where she will give you the lap dance, and yes, it will all last for a song. You can choose to tip the DJ to play a song of your choice.

Other things worth knowing

Most strip clubs make money through the strippers and bar services, so you are expected to order drinks and snacks. Bar services must be availed at least once in an hour, and in case you are a teetotaler, make sure to take friend along. The best strip clubs have their websites these days, so you can find a lot of relevant details related to their services. Always select a place that’s hyped and has decent crown pull. The cheap options are not worth the money spent, given that you are likely to spend more when you are in!